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Movie lovers can watch satellite TV on PC nowadays with just an internet connection and powerful software. This convenience has afforded many people the choice of switching from satellite TV services. Satellite TV services are already wildly popular by today's standards. Being able to watch satellite TV on PC has just made it even better. We will review what in the first place is so good about satellite TV and why to watch satellite TV on PC has become a craze in many homes worldwide, especially for movie fanatics.

Satellite TV services offer a wide selection of movie channels to their subscribers. People love the flexibility of choosing any movie channel they wish to watch instead of being constrained to one or two local channels. Another selling point of satellite TV is perhaps the viewing experience. Subscribers get no lesser than crystal clear picture and sound quality, parental watch locks and full systematic channel management and controls. It puts a viewer in absolute control of his or her entertainment experience.

If you have been a fan of HBO, you should know by now that it is no longer a single movie channel. With eight different movie channels from HBO, subscribers can now treat themselves to HBO-W, HBO-E, HBO Family, HBO Signature, HBO Latino and HBO Comedy. On top of that, satellite TV viewers can choose to watch satellite TV from other movie packages such as channels from Showtime (10 channels), Cinemax (5 channels) and Starz (8 channels). In short, this practically converts your TV into a mini theatre that offers hours of movie entertainment.